Why is giving and charity seem to be limited to the holiday season?

On Thursday, I donated my entire day from work and my social life to assist in a kitchen and cook wonderful food.  I paid to help create a five course tasting menu pared with wine.  The guests purchased tickets for this feast and all monies raise goes directly to charity the organization that feeds the hungry and thrives on donations and the generosity of time and money from local residents and not for profit government funding.  

I offer my time and resources continuously throughout the year.   I believe that it is important to give back and honour the ability I have to make a difference in some one’s life through small acts of time and care.   Many of the volunteers last evening certainly do the same however I was struck with the notion that in light of the holiday season, that awareness  of those in need seems to become amplified.  Why do we not give all year-long?  The needy are still needy in July.  

Whether it is time, money or small acts of kindness, a little goes a long way. What if every person in a city or even one’s department  at work  stopped and thought about what it is they could do on a monthly, weekly or daily basis for someone else? Can the masses help those in need ?  I believe that  the world would calmer and at peace by one gentle act at a time.

The high intensity I experienced last night working with a top chef in the city of Toronto put smiles in my heart.  Every person was happy.  The time crunched chef, who not only had to execute a perfect meal to the paying patrons, but guide us all along the way.   Life stresses can be dealt with graciousness… on a level where home goes further than your front door.   Home can be a soup kitchen, a community centre or a small cafe just down the road across the street or right next door.

I have been a Realtor in this great city of Toronto for almost 25 years.   I am grateful for my successes and for the hardships endured to be where I am today.   I wish and truly wish for a happier world not just during the holiday season, but always.  May times alway be festive. We should celebrate what is good.  We should celebrate what is not good.  Knowing the difference makes all the difference.There is so much we can learn from one another.  No matter who we are and where we are from.

Ring in the New Year with a new prospective.

Cheers to you all.


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