What to make of the holidays

As a realtor selling year round I have found that the  holiday times have always trumped the  decision of  when to sell or buy. It may be the best time to make that move.  As a buyer the competition may be less as people have put the house hunt on the back burner and replaced it with shopping for others.  If you are a buyer/seller that opportunity may be even better.

The Toronto market has been teflon coated when compared to the out laying areas of the GTA as well as the rest of the country.  Houses are hot.  People want to buy them and even bid for them.  Why not get into the market?  I have sold many properties in my 24 year career on or close to the big C day.  Timing is in the hands of the buyer or seller.  Why follow the herd and buy or sell when everyone else is?   If you are a Seller looking to make a move there is no better time than the present.  Demand has remained strong.  Prime areas in this magnificent city are seeing more than modest gains in selling prices.  

I do not have a crystal ball, I wish I did.  But I do see the market trending to a plateau.  Nothing too earth shattering or drastic but there will be a leveling off.  Sellers get while the going is good.




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